UCIMC Summer Arts Camp

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watering may not make it
onto your list of favorite
things to do, but, despite
the heat and hard work,
working in the Community
Garden was worth it.
We started off with just tomatoes and
garlic chives in the IMC’s garden plot but
now have potatoes, beans, peppers, and
more growing. The first day of gardening
started with us putting cages around the
tomatoes. The cages were to keep the
plants off of the ground, which would prevent
the plant from getting diseases. Any of
those good tomatoes getting wasted by a
disease would be a tragedy.
Next came time to clear the weeds. If we
tried to do all of it at once, it would be too
overwhelming, even for a group of ten or
twelve people. The solution: do it in sections.
The part we cleared that day was
turned over and planted with peppers.
The next day, we got to eat tomatoes
that had grown and plant lettuce and
beans. A valuable lesson we learned from
those tomatoes is that organic food tastes
better than any thing grown with pesticides.
If you don’t like gardening, don’t
worry because this camp has much more
to offer—fixing up bikes, making art, a
Public Service Announcement, and zines.

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