Open Invitation to the Follow-up Meeting of the eBlack C-U Campus-Community Symposium

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The eBlack CU Symposium was a great success, with over 180 people attending or all part of the event. The full record of the Symposium is available online for anyone to access at: We need to do more to get community members and community organizations able and motivated to take advantage of technological tools to better our local community for all.
This follow-up meeting will be held January 8, 2011, from 9 a.m. to noon at the Champaign Public Library, in the main Robeson room on the first floor. We are organizing this follow-up meeting around the themes of technology, jobs and the future of our local economy. The title of this event is: “Community Technology and UC2B: Careers, Jobs and the Future of our Local Economy.” We need you and your organization to co-sponsor this event. As a cosponsor all we would ask of you is to help mobilize your organization’s membership and family and friends to come join in the conversation of how technology has already, and will continue to, change the skills needed to use technology both in the work-market and in community life.

• Youth and Unemployed individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Find out what jobs already exist in the technology sector, what jobs are being created, and what you need and can do to prepare yourself for employment in the high-tech sector;
• Parents/Grandparents/Mentors—Hear about the new skills your loved ones will need to stay competitive in a changing job market;
• Employers—Offer opinions about the technological skills you expect from employees;
• Educators—Hear the technology demands of the work-force and present the responses you already offer and may offer in the future;
• General Public—Continue the conversations on technology and the future of the Champaign-Urbana community begun at the November 5–6 Campus-Community Symposium.

We are still organizing the program and speakers for this event. Flyers will be made available in the very near future. If you or your organization would be willing to co-sponsor this event we would be happy to distribute flyers to you the week of December 27 for you to disseminate to your members and members’ family and friends in the lead-up to this event.

If you are interested in co-sponsoring, or desire more information, get in touch with us by e-mailing

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