Pleas, Pleas and More Pleas

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This is to inform my people about the way they play at the County

Courthouse.  They lock us up, charge us, and indict us on outrageous and unrelated charges just to trick us into “coppin’ a plea.” Everybody plays a role: the arresting officer, the state, the judge, the court appointed attorney as well as a paid attorney. We have to come together just like them. First and foremost, they try to fool us by telling us to ‘waive our preliminary hearing.’ The State has to present evidence and police reports to a selected grand jury that decides whether the claims against you are enough to go forward with your case. This is the first step in the process to get us to waiving our rights, which can be very detrimental in the appeal process if in fact, you lose the case and want to appeal. Never ever waive your rights. Always exercise them no matter the circumstances.


The next step is to always ask for a speedy trial by jury. Never take a trial by judge because remember, they’re always working together.

The reason you ask for a ‘speedy trial’ is because they are counting on most everyone to take a plea and the courts are so backed up, they would not have time to collect, process and examine all evidence in all the cases, let alone contact and prep all witnesses. However, you don’t need to wait on them to act like they are going to take you to trial when they aren’t.  All they want is a copout/plea. So everything else is most likely a bluff. Their assumption is that everyone charged IS guilty and you won’t go to trial unless you can totally prove your innocence.


Now if you are guilty as charged, you may want to take a plea.

There have been cases where you have a person dead to the wrong and the State didn’t care about the victim or the victims’ families; all they want the defendant to do is cop a plea or become an informant for the State.


People can be guilty of heinous crimes and the State will choose to give that individual a 6-year copout plea, which is good for the accused, but not for the victim or the victim’s family. No justice either way is coming out of the “plea factory” of the County Courthouse.

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