Book Reading: “the alphabet blows through the open window” by Danielle Chynoweth

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Poetry Performance and Book Release for
 “when the bed shakes and the walls breathe and
the alphabet blows through the open window”

Poetry by Danielle Chynoweth written between 1994 and 2011
Saturday, March 17th 7-9pm
at the Channing-Murray Foundation
1209 W. Oregon St., Urbana, IL 61801

Books are $8 at the event. You can order a copy for $10 ($8 + $2 shipping) by contacting Danielle at or sending a check to Danielle Chynoweth 412 W. Illinois St., Urbana, IL 61801.

Selections from “the alphabet blows through the open window”:

“Can a soul be made by wanting it?
This is, perhaps, how all things, and beings, are made.
I will seek at every moment to make a world new and exciting for all of us.”

“Let’s feed each other our laughter.
Let’s touch in ways that require us to make our own grammar of sensation.
And let’s care for this nameless, soft animal of our affection.”

“A soul must cling to each body until the hand of god dips like a ladle
into this primordial soup and lifts it away.
Who will speak out against military abortion?”

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