New Book by Joseph Dole, Incarcerated in Stateville

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Joseph-Dole-bookThe new book, A Costly American Hatred, written by Joseph Dole, is available now on Amazon. Dole’s articles were published in The Public i while he was locked up in the infamous Tamms prison, which has since been closed down. He is currently incarcerated in Stateville Correctional Center.

A Costly American Hatred is an in-depth look at how America’s hatred of “criminals” has led the nation down an expensive path that not only ostracizes and demonizes an ever-growing segment of the population, but is also now so pervasive that it is counterproductive to the goals of reducing crime and keeping society safe, wastes enormous resources, and destroys human lives. Anyone who is convicted of a crime (and many who aren’t convicted, but only charged) is no longer considered human in the eyes of the rest of society. This allows them to be ostracized, abused, commoditized, and disenfranchised. The rest of society sanctimoniously rejoices in all of it, with a self-righteous “they deserve it” mantra. It does nothing to lessen crime though. Instead, it more often than not increases crime, tears at the fabric of society and individual families, and creates a permanently impoverished “criminal” underclass. Most people are unaware of just how awry our criminal justice policies have gone. A Costly American Hatred seeks to educate people on how pervasively society ostracizes those who fall into the clutches of the criminal justice system and the toll it is taking on our country.

You can also find the author on Facebook at JosephDoleIncarceratedWriter.

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