The Fight of Our Lives: Info On Unionizing from UE

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The Fight of Our Lives

While employers are getting trillions of dollars in bailout money to offset the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis, many workers are deemed essential and forced to continue working in unsafe conditions with little or no protection.

Workers are fighting for and winning personal protective equipment, additional sick leave, hazard pay, and in some cases forcing their employers to temporarily suspend work until it is safe to return.

Both union and non-union workers around the country are realizing their power by walking off the job when their lives and safety are put at risk, going public about the lack of personal protective equipment, and forcing employers to take their demands seriously.

What actions make sense will differ from workplace to workplace, but all workers have the right to work without fearing for their safety or their families safety.

To get answers to these question, visit the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America at

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