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Zine Reviews: “Footloose” and “go by bicycle”

Two zines recently made their way to the IMC that I thought would be perfect to review together, because both take different approaches to the subject of travel. “Footloose,” a locally-produced zine by Sarah Lazare, is a travel journal that … Continue reading

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IMC Library Zine Review: RACE

    “Breaking Out of Activist Ghettos since 2001,” the RACE collective is sure to turn quite a few heads within activist communities across the world. RACE is “a collective of people of color with revolutionary anti-authoritarian politics. … Continue reading

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Zine Review: The East Village Inky

You’re lucky that you live in the U-C area. The Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center has one of the Midwest’s largest zine libraries.What exactly is a zine? According to another one of the IMC’s fabulous zines, Stolen Sharpie Revolution, “A zine … Continue reading

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