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A Nation of L.A.W.?

You may have seen them outside the Urbana Post Office or the Free Library or the Champaign County courthouse during the lunch hour. Perhaps you’ve seen them at the junction of North Prospect Street and I-74 in Champaign. More recently, … Continue reading

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How to Talk to Your Children About Terrorism

In light of the rapidly unfolding events since September 11, our nation’s children are likely to be almost as caught up in the furor and frenzy about ‘terrorists’ and ‘terrorism’ as the adults are. Parents – and sometimes teachers, child … Continue reading

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More About Sweatshops, and the Organizations Who Fight Them

Since the feature article was written, three young female workers from garment factories in Bangladesh have arrived in the United States and have begun a month-long speaking tourof at least 19 colleges and universities, under the sponsorship of the National … Continue reading

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Benighted States

23 August 2001 How can you not love the Benighted States of America? where a corporation, a non-person, is treated like a person and in fact is accorded more rights and receives more benefits than a real person, who is … Continue reading

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Special Issue: Perspectives on Terror Tuesday

Prior to September 11, we of the Public i had a more mundane and diversified edition in mind. But the intervening events of that unforgettable day have of necessity caused a much different version to emerge. Although literally billions of … Continue reading

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Police Race Education to Community Roundtables!

In traveling around the Twin Cities, many of you may have noticed at least one of the three billboards advertising something called community-wide “Roundtables” on the topics of race relations, education, or police/community relations. These signs herald the latest and … Continue reading

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Media Monopoly in Champaign-Urbana?: Consolidation, Absentee Ownership Both on the Increase

by Paul Riismandel and John Wason Ever wonder why local news coverage on TV actually adds up to only a few minutes a day? Curious why there seems to be little difference between ‘extreme’ rock, ‘modern’ rock, and ‘mix’ rock … Continue reading

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