Art & Revolution: Amber Moore

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Wandering planet earth, searching on the wavelength mismatches for a universal sense of who we are, what we want, beauty we see.

The art: conglomerations of being, awareness of what is there and where it comes from, pulling fragments into a fragile monster of now, filtered through cartoon dreams of poetry and meaning, held together with seams of unknowns. Constructing beauty as a place I want to exist at, an element to living that is essential to me, and I look for it in others, and others’ creations, to see how we want to exist in a world we have the power to create. I want my senses to be part of the construction process of a world I exist in.

The revolution is in every moment a newness, history simplified by now so that constructing monsters from complexity of diverse past compilings is essential to how we can live together in now, being the corpse of the monster, not fearing it as the others unrecognized.

I collaborate to learn through voluntary interaction, attention crossing a bridge-object to the other. I have learned the value of gift-giving: attention to the movement/exchange + intention/desire = I learn.

All of this in a society of overproduction, pragmatism…I want a society that values things based on a communication of individual desire.

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