Art & Revolution: Rob Scott

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Rob Scott may talk about himself, but he’s no solipsist.

I, my name is Rob Scott, am not a jackass, an elephant, or a color. Oh wait, darn, my mind says “I shouldn’t.”

*Ahem*, scratch that, I should start over.

Some people would call revolutionary activity the supercession of a society by means of critique. I, on the other hand, think about alternatives the current society would never try, and logics it could never buy. Free advice (worth every penny): put cockpit doors on the side of jet planes; that alone would prevent 9-11 from happening again. At great expense we’ve hired a bunch of armed thugs to search our bags and racially profile us, but aren’t the airplane manufacturing corporations so wealthy today because they have profitted from war?

“That’s not autobiographical,” reported Andrew Trull, ludic local and not-yet-sensemaker, “who the heck do you think you are?”

Rob might hang around crazy people, but he’s no psychologist.

“The union-busting psychologists are taking over the stock market!” Rob said, “…these jokes are not funny.”

We brought down the USSR without suspending basic civil liberties. Now we debate the “patriotism” of those questioning the suspension of basic civil liberties in the USA. Oh yes doctor, I’m very comfortable in debate. I’m a revolutionary! Ha. Ha ha. It isn’t to laugh.

People are too intelligent to shrink from wanting a new system. But little booklets about contradictions in government policy don’t seem to help. People smile at me for writing propaganda. That’s their problem. I might not get beyond critique in this (274 word) piece. I’m not trying to address the general public. What I desire is people conjuring up new systems, or at least phrasing their complaints changily.

A page from one of Rob's periodic pamphlets entitled "Operation: Enduring Intervention"

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