Axes of Evil

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Axes like chop chop felling old growth?
Or Axis like Hitler (when we can’t say “Hitler”)?
And Evil like Knievil? Or Evil Empire evil?
Maybe evil like an apple full of tacks
or a river full of PCB’s.
Maybe we should nuke ’em just to be safe,
or sell their real estate to each other
and wage a war of repossession.
Anyway, we need to teach them a lesson:
some toys are only for Big Boys,
got it? Kiddies needn’t try to hang.
Threat? No threat! I was only saying
maybe somebody could get hurt
hanging around with those off-coloreds.
They don’t know when to pay up and shut up
and when to lay down.
I wonder what it’s like
to live on an evil axe?
Why don’t those fancy-pants
investigative journalists
interview the crazed peasantry,
the man selling cabbages in Baghdad,
the Korean woman winnowing rice,
or the tea shop clerk in Tehran,
and ask ’em if they’ve stopped being terrorists
ask’em if they’ve seen Osama Bin Lauden
’cause I’m looking for that sonofabitch
and I bet I know where to find him.
Dallas, TX

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