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April 17, 18, 19 BACKGROUND AND RATIONALE: Since 1996, the administration has fought the Graduate Employees’ Organization (GEO) in the courts by arguing that graduate employees should not have the legal right to form a union.
Despite repeated calls for dialogue, the administration refused to settle this issue locally. Over a year ago, the GEO membership voted to follow a path of direct action to get the administration to agree to an out-of-court settlement that respected the rights of graduate
employees. Two sit-ins and a walkout later, the administration has finally agreed to negotiate a settlement directly with GEO.
The GEO and the University administration are currently negotiating over the scope of a graduate employee bargaining unit. The bargaining unit is the group of employees that would be
allowed to vote in a union election and, if they vote to unionize, be covered by a union negotiated contract.The walkout is being planned by the GEO stewards council so that we can prepare for the worst: that these negotiations are simply another stall tactic by the administration. A general
membership meeting will take place on Tuesday next week so that the GEO membership can get a full report on the status of negotiations and decide on a course of action. If significant
progress has been made on the negotiations, GEO members can potentially vote to call off the walkout based on this information. We will be sending out an email update to this list after the Tuesday membership meeting. The GEO thanks everyone for their solidarity For more information, please contact the GEO office:, 344-8283,

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