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Most students who do not complete school do so
because of family problems. Some girls especially
drop out of school because they want to get married
and start a family. Also, some girls’ parents
are not interested in education and do not support
them. Schools with baby minding facilities
should be open especially for married students.
The government needs to stress the importance
of education and provide financial support to students
to continue.
—Justice D. Winfield, Edison Middle School
There is an issue in my city since it is a university
town. A lot of people don’t go to college or
finish high school. I think this is because some
people can’t afford college since it is so expensive.
I also think people don’t want to attend
college because they think it would be hard
and stressful.
—Luke Meikamp, Urbana Middle School
Many students that I know don’t go to college.
Most of these students don’t have the
money to go. It’s very hard to live these days;
so many things are so expensive it’s unreal.
College is really expensive and there are not
that many scholarships to give to everyone
who needs one.
—Molly Harmon, Urbana Middle School

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