NASCAR Lawsuit Settled

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Former Busch Series official Mauricia Grant has settled her
lawsuit against NASCAR for $225 million, with neither
side admitting liability or wrongdoing according to
reports. During her two year employment from 2005 to
2007, she alleged that she was referred to as “Nappy Headed
Mo” and “Queen Sheba” by coworkers, was told she
worked on “colored people time” and had a coworker talk
regularly about the Ku Klux Klan. A white official named
incidentally named David Duke stated in a text message “”I
love all ya’ll mofos i am that nigga. HAHAHAHolla. PIMPALICIOUS.”
NASCAR later fired him for issues not related
to the suit. Two other NASCAR officials were later fired
for allegedly exposing themselves to Mauricia Grant while
at work. As the movement against racism and sexism continually
expands, it is important to realize that the battles
also take place in the realm of sports.

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