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The older I get, the more it seems our world’s been a failure
How could a world filled with unhappy people
Ruled by the most soulless of us be anything but?
Our money is a joke, and now the joke’s on us
Our media is a joke, and there’s nothing funny or excusable about
Israel’s institutionalized genocide, ethnic cleansing in Palestine
Who does Israel think is watching? And who do they think they’re kidding?
Truthfully, they’re fooling no one, except for the people of the most powerful country in the world
A people who won’t hold their leaders accountable for their crimes and the crimes of those they support
Whose ignorance, complacence and egocentrism stands in the way of rising up
Against Capitalism
Against Imperialism
Against Zionism
In our history classes we’re told how they said, “Never again.”
But the greedy, the zealous, and the silent masses
Have been letting it happen again, and again since long before we were born
The victims have become the killers
Maybe that’s how the world began
But that’s not how the world should end

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