Executive Pay at the University of Illinois

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MANY HAVE EXPRESSED OUTRAGE at the $20 billion in bonuses
handed out to Wall Street executives, even as they were
receiving bailout assistance from the federal government.
As the “business model” has crept into the university, we
find the same excesses among top administrators at the
University of Illinois. In September 2008, when service
workers were told they were only getting a 1.5% pay raise,
administrators already making six-figure salaries received
8-9% increases, even up to 12% for the Athletics Director.
As President B. Joseph White has publicly commented,
“You can‘t pay too much for good administration.“
President B. Joseph White: $450,000
Global Campus CEO Chet Gardner: $344,850 (2008)
$313,500 (2007)—9% raise
Chancellor Richard Herman: $395,500 (2008)
$362,500 (2007)—8% raise
Assoc. Chancellor Jesse Delia: $303,650
Assoc. Chancellor James Oliver: $193,515
Assoc. Chancellor Margaret O‘Donoghue Rawles:
Assoc. Chancellor William Berry: $135,500.60
Graduate College Dean and University Vice Provost
Richard Wheeler: $252,950
Engineering Administration Dean Ilesanmi Adesida:
Agriculture, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences
Dean Robert Easter $254,095.04
College of Business Dean Larry DeBrock: $203,425
Executive MBA Assoc. Dean David Ikenberry:
Education Administration Dean Mary Kelantzis:
Liberal Arts and Sciences Dean Ruth Watkins $232,617
Provost Linda Katehi: $352,500
Assoc. Vice President of Business and Finance Douglas
Beckman: $237,930
Director of Public Affairs Robin Kaler $167,100
Athletics Director Ron Guenther: $600,000 (2008)
$525,000 (2007)—12% raise
Men‘s football coach Ron Zook: $405,000
Assistant football coach Michael Locksley: $255,000
Assistant football coach Reginald Mitchell: $189,200
Assistant football coach Eric Wolford: $185,000
Assistant football coach Curt Mallory: $154,480
Assistant football coach James Pry: $151,200
Assistant football coach Thomas Sims: $140,000
Assistant football coach Michael Woodford: $131,560
Men‘s basketball coach Bruce Weber: $200,000
Assistant basketball coach Jerrance Howard: $120,000
Assistant basketball coach Wayne McClain: $138,000
Assistant basketball coach Jack Price: $125,000
Total sports salaries: $2,794,440
Assistant Professor, Gender and Women‘s Studies:
Non-Tenure Track Instructor, English Dept.:
Graduate Student in History: $15,000
Janitor: $32,000
These figures can be found in the “Grey Book” at the
Main Library‘s information desk or online at:

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