Cycle of Greed

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Gateway through people on the street even though they paid their rent
They won’t even let us live in a tent
You can’t just look the other way
Your silence gives consent!
These brothers are sleeping in the park
That closes after dusk, or is it dark?
Sometimes it rains and it gets cold at night
This is not the time for a debate about wrong and right
It’s time to fight!
Time for everyone to become their own leader
And that’s how you become your brother and sister’s keeper
It’s a slippery slope that gets steeper and increases the tension
I don’t know if I’m a socialist, but,
How can we have homeless citizens while crooked trustees
and politicians retire with a pension, show no remorse or repentance?
Hard working grad students get pennies for their assistance because
The cycle of greed is vicious,
The cycle of greed is vicious
The cycle of greed is vicious!
From freecycle, the Bicycle and Common Ground Co-op
From IMC, CU Citizens, iResist to S.T.O.P.
These are some of our outstanding residents
By the way
S.T.O.P. stands for; Students Telling Off the President
They say to rear a child, it takes a village
So we have to address housing, poverty, health care
Race, Class, and Privilege
If not, we sentence our Nation to a variety of things
Amongst them are American dreams that never come true
Festering hatred
Battles between the right and left
And a population that sees death
As sacred.
Do you see now how you can become what you fear
Why we have to prepare everyday of every year, for the inevitable,
Can you live together, build a house, sew some clothes and grow a vegetable or two?
That’s called intelligent and it shows respect
Those of us who live check to check
Know we are a bad day away from poverty, too!
At what cost are people working their asses off,
Not for a select few to play tennis and golf,
While other citizens can’t get help for a nasty cough!
Where’s the trough for the community?
I know I’m responsible to contribute to a public hospital,
What about rich white collar criminals who get immunity?
They consistently avoid prosecution
Homeless citizens are jailed if they can’t pay fines, court cost and restitution!
Did they rape, rob, or attempt to kill,
Did they sit on their hands and get rich from expensive medicines that don’t heal?
I mean let’s keep it real man,
You’re arresting me, a homeless citizen
For using somebody’s garbage can?
Are you serious, or delirious?
I mean, what are you thinking?
Have you been drinking?
I don’t know if you knew,
Cops drink and drive too!
They just have a different view of justice,
They think they’re on the inside of a circle of vultures
We must recognize the two different cultures and face it,
It is what is and that’s how it stands,
It’s the very reason we have to stay united
Because power concedes nothing, without a demand!

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