Statement From CU Citizens for Peace and Justice

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On Friday October 9, 2009, two unarmed 15 year-olds, Kiwane Carrington and another youth,
were accosted by Champaign officers—including the Chief of Police—at the place where Kiwane
stayed. Kiwane was shot and killed. The other was arrested, at first for burglary (charges since
dropped), and then for felony aggravated resisting a peace officer, and was taken to jail.
Something is fundamentally wrong with police procedure where a mistaken assumption about
burglary leads to guns drawn, ransacking of a home, and killing of a young person—with the
Chief of Police present!
CU Citizens for Peace and Justice Are Calling For:
• Resignation of Champaign Police Chief R. T. Finney
• Dropping of all charges against the arrested youth
• Rewrite the new Use of Force Policies which allows police to shoot to kill to “prevent the
arrest from being defeated by resistance or escape”
• Independent Citizen Police Review Board with subpoena power.
• No Tasers!
• Protect our rights of freedom of movement. Police need to stop racial profiling, ID checks,
forced “consent” searches, jay walking tickets, and

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