Summer Classes at Common Ground’s Flatlander Classroom

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Visit Urban Bees!
Led by Maggie Wachter
$10 owners/$15 non-owners
Saturday, July 27th, 1-3pm
Min 4/Max 12
Local beekeeper Maggie Wachter will take you on a thrilling journey in her teaching apiary located just a few blocks from the Common Ground Co-op. Watch beekeeping in action as Maggie opens hives and explains the phenomena of the honey bee society. Visitors will not be required to approach the hives. Viewing may take place from behind a screened window or from outside the enclosed apiary. Visitors who wish to enter the apiary should dress appropriately in thick clothes with long sleeves and long pants. Gloves and veils will be provided. Small amounts of freshly made honey from honeycomb inside the hives will be available for tasting. All visitors are requested to sign a disclaimer prior to the tour.

Cheese 201: Meet the Cheese Makers/Mongers
Led by Billy Specialty Dept. Manager
with Nat Bjerke-Harvey and Alison Olewnik, Prairie Fruits Farm
Tuesday July 30 , 7-8:30pm
$10 owner/$15 non-owner
4 min/ 20 Max
Say you’ve had a few cheeses here and there, know a thing or two about cows and goats, and generally have a bit of a ‘lactic’ thing going on… then you are just like us!  This class will feature a broad tasting which delves deeper into all things cheese – seen from the perspective of those who make, age, sell, discuss and eat cheese for a living!


Composting Basics
Led By Carey Smith
Sun Aug 4, 3-4pm
$7 owners/$12 non-owners
Min 4/ max 25
Want to make compost, but don’t know how?  This class will cover the basics of composting, including compost ingredients, basic compost bin structures, making compost fast or taking it slow by being lazy, worm composting, and more.

Honey 101
Led by Maggie Wachter
Saturday, August 10th, 1-2pm
$10 owners/$15 non-owners
min 4/ max 15
It is honey harvest time! Join this experiential class and discover how honey is extracted from honeycomb under the guidance of Urbana beekeeper Maggie Wachter. Starting with raw comb, the class will uncap, centrifuge and strain local honey. Each participant will leave with a half pound of pure, local honey. Jars and honey will be provided.

All About Italian Wine
Led by Domenico Musumeci
$10 owners, $15 non-owners
Tuesday, August 13, 7-8:30
min 4/max 20
Love wine but feel daunted by the endless varieties and unfamiliar regions?  Then join Italian wine expert Domenico Musumeci for a delicious whirlwind tour of Italian wines and regions!  Tried a few Italian wines and want to know more?  Step right up!  Think you’re an expert and seen it all?  He’ll have a few hidden gems for you to try!  Don’t miss this incredible opportunity.

Transitioning to Vegan Cooking
Led by Annie Weisner of HeRMES Clinic
Wednesday, August 14th, 6-7:30pm
$15 for owners/$20 for non-owners
Minimum 4/Maximum 10
The transition to eating and cooking vegan can bring up a lot of questions: Why I am hungry all the time? Am I getting enough protein? Why is everyone I know suddenly asking me about my B12? In this class, we’ll talk about avoiding some of the pitfalls of a new diet, and making sure your diet is getting your body and your tastebuds what they need. I’ll be cooking some of my favorite dishes from my first month of vegan cooking, so bring your appetite! Whether you’re new to vegan eating, just considering it, or an experienced vegan cook, you’re welcome to come along and share your questions and advice for others!

You Can Pickle That!
Led by Stefan Johnsrud
Saturday, August 17th, 3-4:30 pm
$10 owners/$15 non-owners
min 4 / max 10
Tired of boring store-bought pickles that lack texture and full bodied flavor? Are you having difficulty using up all the vegetable bounty coming from your garden? Are you looking to stock your winter pantry with veggie snacks or simply trying to make a good relish?
This hands-on class teaches the basics of pickling a wide variety of vegetables, covering both quick pickles and fermented sour pickles. Veggies and jars will be provided; come ready to pickle!

GMOs and Your Co-op
Led by Co-op GM Jacqueline Hannah
Tuesday, Aug 22nd at 6:30-7:15pm
This class is free to all, but pre-registration is required.
Min 3/Max 12
Wondering how you can truly shop GMO-free at your co-op? What is the status of current labeling efforts nationally and in our state? And just what is your co-op’s stance on GMO labeling? Come join CGFC General Manager, Jacqueline Hannah, to hear the answers to these questions, and get a brief store tour showing you how to shop GMO-free at your co-op!

Craft Beer 101
Led by Billy Specialty Dept. Manager
Tuesday August 27, 7-8:30pm
$10 owner/$15 non-owner
4 min/ 20 Max
Interested in craft beer but don’t know where to start?  Start here!  We will taste our way through a broad range of beers, developing confidence and familiarity with a variety of beer-making styles and producers. By the weekend, you’ll be celebrating Labor Day just right!

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