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The Move toward Socialism in the United States

People on the Left are understandably preoccupied with the growing strength of fascism, white supremacist and antisemitic rhetoric and violence, and the growth of extreme right-wing groups. There is no doubt that these developments represent an obstacle to badly needed … Continue reading

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Kathryn J. Oberdeck (January 18, 1958–June 8, 2022)

Kathy was a passionate fighter against all forms of inequality. She combined an unwavering commitment to the highest intellectual standards with a selfless dedication to community and family. She was a prolific historian of poor and working-class people, particularly their … Continue reading

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Passing: Can One Ever “Pass”?

I recently watched one of the most beautiful and perhaps also one of the most significant movies I have seen in a long time. Passing, based on a 1929 novel by the Harlem Renaissance author Nella Larson (1891–1964), is a … Continue reading

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Unemployed Movement of the Thirties

THROUGHOUT THE EARLY YEARS of the Depression, with private charity overwhelmed and the government continuing to follow a laissez faire course, the millions of unemployed were forced to rely on their own resources and selfactivity. Little government welfare existed before … Continue reading

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Labor’s Days Explained

SYMBOLIC “HOLIDAYS” Not usually considered a union-friendly society, the United States recently celebrated its 109th annual Labor Day. In recent years Labor Day is mostly a matter of picnics and barbecues, but it could be more. We had our own … Continue reading

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