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The Perfect Cellie

I was recently asked what makes a perfect cellie. While there are, in fact, good cellies and bad cellies, for various reasons the only perfect cellie is an imaginary cellie. That’s because: •    Imaginary cellies are never shut-ins. They leave … Continue reading

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Rethinking Illinois’ Truth-In-Sentencing Law

We are all aware of the dire fiscal state Illinois currently finds itself in. One of the main causes of this has been years of passing laws without any consideration for the financial costs of their enactment. There is now … Continue reading

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What is Tamms?

Tamms Super Maximum Correctional Center, which opened in March 1998, is Illinois’ only “Supermax” prison. It is located at the southern tip of Illinois, originally opened under the guise of being for short-term incarceration. • There is no bus service … Continue reading

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Illinois Prisoners Bilked Out of Millions Through DOC Commissary Surcharges

FEW PRISONERS WOULD BE SHOCKED to learn that they are paying too much for items sold in prison commissaries or canteens. The Illinois Dept. of Corrections (IDOC), however, has taken commissary price-gouging to an extreme level. In order to generate … Continue reading

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Unilaterally Punitive

THE UNITED STATES IS UNIQUE in the world for its overzealous love affair with life without parole sentences (LWOP). It is one of the few western countries to have LWOP sentences and the only country in North America to have … Continue reading

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