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What is a nüz/böx?

What is a nüz/böx? First, it’s spelled with an X, a Z, two ümlaüts and a slash/. Even the name calls your attention. The pronunciation of nüz/böx is intentionally ambiguous. How do you pronounce it? Pronunciation, like many aspects of … Continue reading

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IMC Capital Campaign for a Permanent Home

The Urbana Champaign Independent Media Center recently kicked off its Capital Campaign to raise funds to purchase a permanent home for its independent media and arts programs. Since its founding in the fall of 2000, the UCIMC has outgrown our … Continue reading

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Man Arrested by FBI for Faking Green Connection to “Terrorism”

In the interests of fuller disclosure, here is more background on a case that is getting limited coverage in the dominant media. Reports in the September 6-12 Cityview and the September 7 News-Gazette indicate that a local man, 21-year old … Continue reading

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A Victory for the Living Wage and Local Democracy in Champaign County

On February 25, 2002, two important things happened in Champaign County. First, after four and a half years of research, community education, and organizational networking, the Champaign County Living Wage Association (CCLWA) achieved a significant goal when the Champaign County … Continue reading

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Nuke Train On Hold

Recent press reports indicate that the nuclear waste train, scheduled to run through Champaign County on account of its low population density, has been postponed due to concerns over terrorist attack. The New York Times reported the morning of September … Continue reading

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“Trust Us About Nuclear Waste!”–Says the Governmet

The equation of protest with terrorism is particularly disturbing and chilling when practiced by a public servant. In an article which allowed an official of the Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety to do just that, the Champaign News-Gazette on August … Continue reading

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