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The Battle of Mahomet

STUDENTS AND EDUCATORS in Mahomet were back in class on Monday, Aug. 23 after the Mahomet Seymour Education Association (MSEA) and the school board were able to settle on a new contract on Aug. 20. The settlement marked an end … Continue reading

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Message & Medium, Both Matter in Local Film Fests

For decades, Champaign-Urbana has inspired a long succession of independently made media created by citizens, academics, and students wishing to enrich and inform their friends and neighbors in ways avoided by commercial outlets. This has encompassed print, radio, theater, music, … Continue reading

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2010 U. S. Social Forum, Detroit

If you want to connect to people involved in just about every social justice issue our nation faces, you would find your people at the US Social Forum. The first USSF was held in Atlanta in 2007. This year the … Continue reading

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The Summer Construction Education Program

There are not many minorities or women in the building trades. The Summer Construction Education Program tries to do something about that by introducing young minority people and women to the skills of the trades in a hands-on way. A … Continue reading

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Education vs. Incarceration: The Early Release Program in Illinois

With a current state budget deficit in Illinois of some $13 billion, among the largest in the country, state legislators are making tough decisions about where to save money. Recently, Governor Pat Quinn proposed an “early release” program for prison … Continue reading

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Alleged Torturer and Ex-Cop, Jon Burge, Convicted of Perjury and Obstruction of Justice

Former Chicago Police Sargeant Jon Burge was convicted on June 28 on federal perjury and obstruction of justice charges. US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald had charged Burge with lying in court papers during a civil lawsuit that had alleged Burge had … Continue reading

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