Letter by an Undocumented UIUC Student

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No identification, no rights. Am I invisible?
Where do I belong? Who can I trust?
What will I do? How can plan my future?
When will I stop being an “illegal alien”?
These are the mixture of feelings I have
experienced as an undocumented student
living in the United States. My
mother always tells us, “Siguan Adelante,”
(keep moving forward) and that’s
all I can do, hoping that someday my
goals of teaching, traveling, and making a
change are fulfilled.
I was three years old when my mother
said, “Now you will get to see “papa.”Since
our arrival to the United States, my parents
have worked to provide us with a home,
food, and most importantly education. I
cannot nor will never blame parents for
wanting to give extraordinary opportunity
that I have today. This is why I do not
understand why someone would punish
another for wanting to escape poverty and
corruption, for wanting opportunities and
desiring to see beyond their borders. My
parents have done a magnificent job, their
accomplishment to have three daughters
continuing their education at universities is
priceless. What else are we hoping for? To
one day no be considered “illegals,” to have
access to health care, to be able to travel, to
be able to freely celebrate our success.
As a university student I have come to
realize the importance, the necessity, and
what great privilege is it to receive an education.
The university has allowed me to
meet people, get involved, and develop as
a professional and a human being. I have
learned to speak French, I have learned to
paint, I have learned about great leaders,
philosophers, and authors. The friends,
staff, community leaders, and professors
that I have met at the university have all
served an inspiration to me. They have, in
different ways, influenced my decision and
my desire to contribute to the world by
teaching. In me, I have an unexplainable
passion and dream that no one can ever
take away. I will fight and continue to
study, to work, to meet new people, until I
am where I want to be. I have high goals
and expectations for myself and ask that
you understand that it would be detrimental
if laws like SB1070 come into effect. I
will not give up. Please legalize us now.

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