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Legalizing the Oldest Profession

Now that I have your attention, let me clarify that I’m referring to midwifery, the practice of helping women throughout the childbearing cycle by offering support, advice, and special birthing techniques. On June 30th, you can help this age-old profession … Continue reading

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You Wanna Know How Wealthy I Am? Just Look At My Teeth

Almost one year ago I wrote an article about the difficulties a local parent faced when finding specialty dental care for her child. I worried that the state All Kids Insurance Program, introduced in July 2006, would not address her … Continue reading

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Media Reform Activists Come Together in Memphis

The 2007 Media Reform conference organized by Free Press met in Memphis, Tennessee this year. After holding conferences in Madison and St. Louis, this year’s organizers are to be congratulated for taking the event to the South, where many stories … Continue reading

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It’s a BELLY Dance!

During a recent trip to Arizona I learned that a Navajo woman’s traditional garb includes a special woven sash worn about the hips. This sash serves many functions: (1) tightening the sash creates a counterpressure that relieves discomfort from menstruation, … Continue reading

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“Today I Voted”

Soon after I began attending Print Group meetings I heard someone ask, “are you going to block consensus?” When I asked what was happening someone whispered, “we practice anarchy here.” Immediately I expected a group with no structure, no organization, … Continue reading

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Reducing Post-Partum Depression the Village Way

   the country was shocked to learn how Andrea Yates killed her children during an episode of post partum psychosis. The “eye for an eye” folks wanted her electrocuted. The “spare the rod, spoil the child” folks wanted … Continue reading

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Waking Up to the Reality of Healthcare in Champaign County

Over the last 22 years, that I have lived, worked, and attended school in Champaign C o u n t y, I have used nearly every possible method to cover health care costs for my daughter and myself: school insurance, … Continue reading

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