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Obstruction of Justice

If you read the police blotter in the newspaper or listen to the news in Champaign County, you have probably noticed that “obstruction of justice ” is a charge that appears often. Some high profile people have been charged with … Continue reading

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The Wild West (Bank)

My ancestor John Bartmess, a Pennsylvanian, came to the Illinois Territory after the War of 1812, finding land near Vincennes. The Bartmess family had been Huguenot, and had fled to Pennsylvania from a Europe where Protestant beliefs were often a … Continue reading

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Marching For Peace and Justice in the Shadow of the Bomb

We have been taught in America not to worry about nuclear weapons. We are supposed to pretend that they will never be used, as if their only function is symbolic, as if they are mighty but ultimately peaceful sentinels deterring … Continue reading

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The National Campaign to Impeach President George W. Bush

Since the U.S. Supreme Court’s installation of George W. Bush as President in January of 2001, the peoples of the world have witnessed a government in the United States of America that demonstrates little if any respect for fundamental considerations … Continue reading

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Radio in the Lenca Context

On May First my daughter, Adrienne Bauer and I squeezed ourselves into airplane seats headed for a quick visit to a place we had called home in the early 90’s. We were going to Honduras—it’s in Central America, due south … Continue reading

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Guatamala’s Indigenous People Continue to Fight For Land Rights

This December, ten years will have passed since Peace Accords were signed between the government of Guatemala and the Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity (URNG). This document was the formal means to ending 36 years of bloody civil war in the … Continue reading

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