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Right-wing Upsurge in US: Less than Meets the Eye?

Is America in the grip of a right-wing backlash that will hit the November elections like a hurricane? This narrative is gathering steam. It is fed not only by the minority partisan right-wing media but also its majority “liberal” counterpart, … Continue reading

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Just Say No to “Gay Marriage”

Those who accept evil without protesting against it are really cooperating with it. —Martin Luther King, Jr. Many people in the United States, it seems, may not have been exposed to, and so don’t realize, the quality of hatred often … Continue reading

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A Secretive and Destructive Affair: The Academy, The Foundation, and The University

On September 5 and 11, Jim Dey devoted two very favorable News-Gazette columns to the Academy on Capitalism and Limited Government Foundation. On September 5, the News-Gazette also published an editorial contending that the Academy was a “blessing” for the … Continue reading

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CU Challenges FBI Over Raids on Peace Activists

On Monday, September 27, several anti-war protesters and civil rights advocates from our community decided to appear at the FBI quarters in west Champaign to register their protest and dismay upon learning of the actions of the FBI in raiding … Continue reading

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Ten Years at the U-C IMC

Like most “beginning” stories, the tale of the Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center starts out modestly—and, like all these stories, this initial modesty is ironic, given all that we know about the future success of the project. So the UCIMC started … Continue reading

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UIUC Denies Tuition Waivers to Fine Arts Grad Students

Last November the Graduate Employees’ Organization (GEO) of UIUC went on strike over a single issue: tuition waivers. After two days of marching in the cold and drizzling rain, the union’s bargaining team was able to secure the coverage of … Continue reading

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