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Newspoetry: Deniability

5 November 2001 This poem is not about the news, but my pad sits on today’s Tribune and the heel of my hand blots the newsprint and smudges friendly fire on the stanza, killing innocent iambs. This poem is not … Continue reading

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Newspoetry: Breaking News: US School Bombs Grammar

16 November 2001 western hemisphere institute for security cooperation (whisc) i mean what the hell is that? an adjective? did someone forget a connective or something? despite official claims that no other name could provide a sufficiently vague self-description while … Continue reading

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Newspoetry: Newscrostics

16 December 2001 N E W S C R O S T I C S ___NEWS __NEWS _NEWS NEWS ———————————————————————— Are we going to just sit here and let slimy, power-hungry thugs help themselves to more and more control over … Continue reading

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Newspoetry: Sending Signals

12 December 2001 Sending Signals Suicide bombers “express their frustration” Missiles “send signals” If enough of these messages are exchanged, no one will be alive to hear them [a tip of the hat to Clint Popetz]

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Newspoetry: War vs. Sex

1 December 2001 War vs. Sex no holds barred [Author’s note: scotch involved. Discretion advised.] sex, hands down sure, war has the really loud noises ††shrapnel crushing toddler skulls ††bombs vaporizing families planningweddings but sex has those subtle sounds ††soft, … Continue reading

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Trial Statement of Rebecca Kanner

U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Georgia Columbus, Georgia May 22, 2001 My name is Rebecca Kanner, and I was born in 1957 in Cleveland, Ohio. I received a mechanical engineering degree from Ohio State University, and moved … Continue reading

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Local Students Fight for a Voice

On November 13, a group of students at Central High School in Champaign formed a club for student rights. Less than a month after its creation, the Central Student Coalition (CSC) now has a total of eighty-three members. The coalition’s … Continue reading

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The Journey of a Tuna Fish Tin- A Look at Food Waste in Champaign-Urbana

“Food in this country – we waste it a lot and we eat it a lot. We eat too much of it. It is a kind of weird dichotomy,” says Benita Vonne Ortiz, recycling coordinator of the housing division of … Continue reading

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How We Censor the News

Once upon a time, there was a little radio station in a bustling university town. The station’s small staff labored mightily to provide daily fare for a growing audience. The year was 1939, and the future of the station seemed … Continue reading

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A Nation of L.A.W.?

You may have seen them outside the Urbana Post Office or the Free Library or the Champaign County courthouse during the lunch hour. Perhaps you’ve seen them at the junction of North Prospect Street and I-74 in Champaign. More recently, … Continue reading

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