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Autumn Glen: A Teacher’s Perspective

The families who lived at the Autumn Glen apartment complex in Rantoul had their lives totally upended after being forcibly removed from their homes. The residents of Autumn Glen paid an extra fee in their rent to pay for the … Continue reading

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Nelson Algren, Chicago Author and U of I Grad, Turns 100

Lumpenproletariat, me trespassed private property wondering always how it comes there‘s just no rest for such poor bums. BORN IN 1909, NELSON ALGREN wrote novels of the underclass, those who Marx described as the “lumpen proletariat.” Before he became a … Continue reading

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Five Ring Circus: Olympics and Resistance

The Olympics have been mythologized as a venue where athletes from all over the world can be unified in a contest of the world‘s greatest athletes despite political and social differences. However, the reality is that the Olympics have been … Continue reading

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Fix U.S. Foreign Policy, Pass the Employee Free Choice Act

SOMETIMES A “STRATEGIC” opportunity for reform comes along which changes the playing field for efforts to win other reforms in the future. The passage of the National Labor Relations Act was a strategic reform. It empowered the people previously excluded … Continue reading

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Some Notes on the Social Forum Phenomenon

THROUGH THE MONTHS OF 2000 around Brasil and parts of Latin America, there was concerted effort to bring together parts of civil society, historically disenfranchised over decades of dictatorships and economic hegemony by the North, mainly by the Monroe (en)Doctrinated … Continue reading

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May Day, Then and Now

THIS MAY 1ST WILL MARK THE FOURTH large scale celebration of May Day (International Workers’ Day) in the United States. This holiday, which was born of events in Chicago in 1886, was suppressed and became almost completely lost to American … Continue reading

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Democracy and Israeli’s Other Citizens

MAY 15 IS THE ANNIVERSARY OF THE establishment of the state of Israel which is celebrated every year with pride and jubilance. The Palestinians in Israel, however, have very little to celebrate. Although most of them are citizens, they have … Continue reading

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Executive Pay at the University of Illinois

MANY HAVE EXPRESSED OUTRAGE at the $20 billion in bonuses handed out to Wall Street executives, even as they were receiving bailout assistance from the federal government. As the “business model” has crept into the university, we find the same … Continue reading

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There is s War Going on for Your Mind: Labor Media in Central Illinois

UNTIL THE LATE 1970‘S, EVERY MAJOR newspaper in the United States had at least one labor reporter with regular stories about unions and working class issues. Labor related news stories were also heard regularly on radio stations, and begining in … Continue reading

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Students Shut Down CIA Recruiting at UIUC

ON APRIL 9, MEMBERS OF THE Campus Antiwar Network, Iraq Veterans Against the War, and the International Socialist Organization joined forces for a third annual protest against the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) recruitment session at the University of Illinois at … Continue reading

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