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Protestors March on the Pentagon

ON SATURDAY MARCH 21st, an estimated 5,000 people marched on the Pentagon in Washington D.C. to protest American imperialism in the Middle East. “From Iraq to Afghanistan to Palestine, Occupation is a Crime” was the slogan of the march, as … Continue reading

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Two Award Winning Performers Offer Workshops at UC-IMC

A RARE OPPORTUNITY FOR LOCAL guitarists and songwriters to learn from two award winning performers is offered on Saturday May 9th from 2PM to 4PM at the Urbana Champaign Independent Media Center. The fee for the workshops is $35. Contact … Continue reading

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Young People Have it Hard

URBANA—2007 UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS graduate in art education, visual artist Roberta Bennett exhibits recent works on paper at a new art venue in town, the Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center. The IMC is located over at what used to be the … Continue reading

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IMC Fest and Boneyard Arts Festival at the IMC

IMC Fest is a three-day event taking place the same weekend as the Boneyard Arts Festival. April 18th at 12PM: “We Who Believe in Freedom Cannot Rest: cross generational voices on building social justice movements.” A cross-generational roundtable discussion on … Continue reading

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Unemployed Movement of the Thirties

THROUGHOUT THE EARLY YEARS of the Depression, with private charity overwhelmed and the government continuing to follow a laissez faire course, the millions of unemployed were forced to rely on their own resources and selfactivity. Little government welfare existed before … Continue reading

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NPR Check

THREE YEARS AGO I DECIDED to stop yelling at my radio and do something about it. Every day I’d hear NPR’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered tell me that the US was bringing democracy to Iraq, that Hugo Chavez … Continue reading

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